How to Hire the Best Website Design Company

Written by

Alejandro Grover

how to hire the best website designer for your project

Written by

Alejandro Grover

So you have an awesome business, but when a customer arrives on your website, what will they see? That’s where a website design company comes in. You need a clean, modern, mobile-friendly website design that makes your customers feel at home. This can help increase your business and help you stand out among the competition. 

How can you hire the best website design company for your project?

First, let’s talk about whether you should hire a design company or do it yourself. 

DIY vs Website Design Company

The most important thing to understand is that the quality of your website’s design sends a direct signal about your quality as a business. If your customers arrive on your page and don’t have a positive experience, you can expect them to bounce rather quickly. Your main goal is to get your customers to stay on the website and gather more info about you. 

There are lots of ways to do this yourself, especially living in a world where you can Google “how to” do anything. However, should you? There are even templates out there where you can be incredibly creative, but you might end up with your website looking like Ling’s Cars. 

Unless you have expertise in website design, it might be best to place your trust in a reputable company that has experience designing websites. 

What Makes a Great Website Design Company?

A great website design company understands the nuances of having a website that is both attractive and logical. Users need to find what they’re looking for easily. This means ensuring that the navigation is intuitive and easy to use. If it takes them a while to find what they’re looking for, you might lose them quickly. 

This is something that a great website design company knows very well. It’s a wild world out there with all kinds of competitors and distractions trying to take attention away from your business. A great website design company understands both the science and art of website design. They understand User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) inside and out. 

Here are the traits that a great website design company should have:

Speaks the Languages

We don’t mean spoken languages, we mean coding languages. 

A great website design company can speak HTML, CSS, Javascript, Dreamweaver, WordPress, and many more. They should have an overall understanding of the world wide web and be able to integrate user experience with beautiful design seamlessly.

It’s near impossible to properly customize a clean, mobile-friendly website design unless your website design company speaks the languages.


The ability to be creative is a requirement for a great website design company. The company simply must have an eye for excellent design. They’re also able to look at the website and predict what the consumer might do next.

It’s not possible to execute a great website without creativity. There are simply too many things that could go wrong, and the designer needs to be able to figure out a way to make everything work despite any obstacles along the way.


“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

Lee Iacocca

This quote sums it up, and it’s also a two-way street. 

Not only does a website design company need to be able to clearly express ideas and processes to clients, but the client must be able to communicate his/her vision as well. 

A great website design company can tell you exactly why they made specific choices over others as well as what can be done and what cannot. A truly communicative company will also be able to tell you what can realistically be accomplished rather than promising the moon. 



Referring back to the previous section, the only way you can make those kinds of nuanced decisions is by having experience. For example, Revision Agency as a website design company had to fail thousands of times before it could understand how to truly provide incredible website design. 

There are far too many lessons learned along the road for design agencies, and it’s just a better idea to work with an experienced one so you don’t have to be their guinea pig. 

Strong Portfolio

There’s always a chance you could find the next genius website designer, but that’s extremely rare, and even if you do find one, it’s important to see what they can really do! If they have an up-to-date portfolio, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of their abilities and aesthetic styles. Check to make sure they have mobile-friendly website designs as 4 out of 5 Americans are online shoppers, and 90% of consumers say they use multiple devices to complete various tasks. 

When you assess the portfolio, here are some things to look at:

  • Overall logical flow
  • Composition
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Style

Assessing these factors will enable you to get a better idea of whether that website design company is right for you. 

Provides Value for the Money

Here’s the thing. There are many areas of life where you really get what you pay for, and website design is like that too, with a few exceptions. While you might get someone to sell you on their design service for a super cheap price, you can bet that they will cut corners and turn in an unsatisfactory final product. 

This wastes your time, money, and puts you in a position where you might want to do a website all over again. Sometimes it can be more expensive producing a cheap website, regretting it, and starting over, than getting it right the first time around. Instead of putting yourself through the hassle, choose a qualified website design company. 


You need a clean, modern, and a mobile-friendly website. This is not as easy to achieve as you might think. There are lots of hiccups that can happen along the way. If you don’t have experience designing websites, it can be really tough to make something attractive and intuitive that will keep your customers coming back. 


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