WordPress Development

Turn that prototype into a live site

Once you have an approved prototype and your site is ready for wordpress development (what 65% of the market uses), we can develop the entire site for you at an affordable rate. We will develop it on a dev site. One you are satisfied with it, we will migrate the updates to your live site.

$45 - $85 per hour

Amazon EBC

Boost your amazon sales with a better listing

We’ve worked with many Seller Central account holders to create enticing EBC pages and storefronts in several categories, including consumer electronics, health and wellness, and houseware. We have tons of experience working with Amazon and know how to deliver dynamic, informative Amazon-approved pages that will improve your sales.

$45 - $55 per hour

Vehicle Wraps

Show your business as you drive

Print provides a tangible, credible way to establish your brand and reach your target market. You don’t have to be familiar with the industry’s lingo because Revision will guide you through the entire process. Let’s customize some game-changing marketing materials and elevate your brand to the next level.

$45 - $55 per hour

SEO Service

Organically drive traffic to your website

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change. Contact us, and we will share our 5 SEO plans with you. Unlike other SEO service firms, we will show you accurate reports every month so you can gauge the efficacy of our performance.

$45 - $55 per hour

Sourcing & Rebranding

Rebrand any product, making it your own

Do you want to create high quality backpacks or stainless steel coffee thermoses for you business? We can source a large quantity of products from both foreign and domestic vendors, at an affordable price, and rebrand them by embedding your company logo onto them

$45 - $55 per hour

Large Format

Make your brand visible from a mile away

If you can imagine it, we can design it on time and on budget. Our vast in-house capabilities mean no job is too large or complex for our graphic designers and 3D department. No matter the challenge, we’re dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations.

$45 - $55 per hour

Website Backups

Protect your website from malware

Your website is important, it’s the face of your online presence and often the first interaction consumers have with your brand. If your site is compromised, either by hackers, internal error or perhaps a crashed server, it’s important to have a backup to restore your online presence as quickly as possible. With Revision Website Backup, we compress, and backup your website for you every month on our server.

$45 - $55 per hour

Content Design

Finely tune one compelling graphic

Our brains process information presented to us in a visual format far better than text. Well-designed rich media and infographics are still the best ways to increase engagement. Data can be dreadful and boring. Converting data into a visual format will attract those who likely wouldn’t read it when presented as a block of text.

$45 - $55 per hour