Collateral Design

Get marketing collateral that

We have years of experience designing marketing collateral in the form of sales sheets, one sheeters, flyers, inserts, magazine ads, product decks, pitch decks, catalogs, and much more. Collateral is one of the first deliverables we recommend for your business.

Why Revision?

Tell your story with a high quality print

Create Credibility For Your Business

Well-designed marketing collateral can make a good first impression of your business that builds credibility for your products, which makes customers more likely to buy your products.

Don’t Let Your Message Become Diluted

The owner of your business doesn’t have to follow a sales deck, but not everybody in your business has this same knowledge. Collateral helps everyone within your business tell that great story.

Equip Your Sales Team With Material

When you have everything about your business clearly defined on paper, it makes salespeople’s jobs much easier. It can guide them in the field and level the playing field across your entire sales team.

Keep Your Marketing Language Simple

Let’s face it, most people can’t write as well as a copywriter or design as well as a graphic designer. Let us help you write your story in a simple format that your customers can comprehend.

Our Portfolio

Check out some of our previous designs

Our Pricing

Choose a plan that works for you

Since collateral can have many pages with rich graphics, we charge per page for this service. If you are on a low budget, you can choose a mid-level designer and rely on stock graphics. If you have a high budget, you can choose a top-level designer who will create custom graphics.










Turnaround Time

1-2 Days

2-3 Days

3-4 Days

Page Designs




Revision Quantity




Full Copyright Ownership

Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Profile

Asset Collection

Revision Cloud

Print File Delivery

Mid-Level Designer



Top-Level Designer


Dedicated Project Manager


Custom Graphics







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*These plans display the cost per page design. They do not include copywriting or printing services.

Our Promise

Let’s establish some trust

1 Page Per Day

It takes us approximately 1 days to organize and design 1 page.

+2 Free Revisions

Apply a couple edits to each page at no extra charge.

Full Ownership

You own your own collateral. We will even send you the source files.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is in our best interest to ensure our customers are pleased.

Our Process

Here’s what we are going to do

Deliver Assets

Send your written content and any assets you want to include such as images, graphics, fonts, references, logos, style guides, dimensions, page count, etc.

Organize & Design

Our graphic design department will organize all of your assets, and create an InDesign file of your collateral. They will upload every page to our design portal, where you can leave comments, or review on the phone with us.

Revise & Polish

We will apply revisions to your collateral according to your feedback until it is ready. Then we will check colors, spelling, grammar, punctuation, image quality, etc to ensure it’s ready to be professionally printed.

Ready to Start?

You might think that today you don’t need marketing collateral because everything has gone digital. While these digital assets are important, that doesn’t mean you should ignore marketing collateral. Many digital assets don’t quite tell a story as well as collateral does, and we think having both is key.

Before You Begin

Research Your Competitors

Before you fill out our collateral intake form, please determine what direction you want to go in. You can do this by researching other companies or showing us their collateral.

Have These Assets Ready

– Know what kind of marketing collateral you need.
– Know if it’s digital, one-sided, two-side, or how many pages it will be.
– Have the dimensions ready.
Find an older design or a reference from a competitor.
– Have your written content ready.
– Have any assets you want to feature ready.