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Whether you need a label for a sticker, bottle, hardware, box, shipper, or swag, we know how to make it stand out in a store and online. We have extensive experience in label design for industries such as wellness, beauty, aromatherapy, fashion, and fitness.

Why Revision?

We treat your label like it’s our own

Make Your Products Look Great

A product label can be the deciding factor between a customer buying your product or a similar product from a competitor. Our design process will ensure quality.

Your Label is Always Advertising

An effective label design is a great way to expand your brand. Everywhere your product sits on a shelf is a space where consumers can acknowledge your brand.

Educate Your Customers

The purpose of a label is to provide useful and relevant information about the product, not only just to market the product.

Make Your Product Label Stand Out

Readability is an important factors to consider when creating a label. Other decisions such as color and material can make your product stand out.

Our Portfolio

Check out some of our previous designs

Our Pricing

Choose a plan that works for you

After years of designing labels and boxes for various companies, we have come up with an affordable pricing structure. You are welcome to make an order below, or book a call with us if you want to be walked through the different pricing plans.

Level 1 (Preliminary)

Level 2 (Permanent)

Level 3 (Full Service)







Turnaround Time

7-10 Days

7-10 Days

14-20 Days

Concept Quantity

8 Label Front Panels

1-2 Additional Panels

1 Final Label

Revision Quantity

+2 Revisions

+2 Revisions

+2 Revisions

Full Copyright Ownership

Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Profile

Asset Collection

Revision Cloud

Brief Creation

Print File Delivery

Mid-Level Designer

Top-level Designer

Dedicated Director

Blank Mockups (L1)


Refinement (L1)


Presentation (L1)


Deliver Presentation (L1)


Dieline Setup (L2)


Emulation (L2)


Presentation (L2)


Print File Delivery (L2)


Our Promise

Let’s establish some trust

7-Day Turnaround

It takes us approximately 7 days to produce 8 concepts.

+2 Free Revisions

Explore a couple more options of your label at the end of the project.

Full Ownership

You own your own label. There are no hidden tricks or fees.

Satisfaction Guarantee

While many design firms only offer a few options, we offer much more!

Our Process

Here’s what we are going to do

Preliminary Design

Once we have the design brief ready, we will create a blank mockup of your product, then we will design 8 unique versions of the front of your label.

Permanent Design

Next, we add all of the content to the other panels of the label such as your nutritional facts, barcode, ingredients, certifications, disclaimers, allergens, QR codes, identifiers, or legal copy.

Revise and Polish

In the final phase, we make any adjustments you wish to the shape, color, size, angle, font, etc. Then we deliver you the file.

Ready to Start?

You can’t accelerate your sales if your product’s label doesn’t make an impact on your customers. Your label will be seen in every store and on every website it is sold. Your label is very important to us, and we promise you will be 100% satisfied with it.

Before You Begin

Research Your Competitors

Before you fill out our label design intake form, please determine what direction you want to go in. You can do this by going onto Google images and searching for labels from other companies that interest you.

Have These Assets Ready

– Know where your product is being sold.
– Have your packaging content written. (Optional)
– Have your label or box dieline ready. (Optional)
– Have an image of your product ready. (Optional)
– Have the title of your product ready. (Optional)


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