Boost Your Business With The Help of Website Analytics

Written by

Ankit Jain


Written by

Ankit Jain

Have you ever wondered how the internet knows about your previous search and keeps prompting you for the same! It’s because of website Analytics, let’s know about it here.

What Is Website Analytics?

To keep a check on the online activity and study the trends of the market with the collection of the online data, and processing these large set of statistics into a substantial piece of information which would further determine the mood of your potential clients is known as Website Analytics. The analysis report shows a trend based on daily, weekly, or monthly search results and online activity of the audience.

How It Is Done?

Register for a free account of Google analytics, after the basic account set-up of your company, get the Tracking ID and add it to each of the webpages of your site like direction page, reviews page, photos page, contact page, and much more. Now keep tracking the number of visitors on your website displayed on Google analytics dashboard. Number of visitors on your website page and latest online activity in response to your latest launch or streamline changes determine the popularity of your website and current viewpoint of your audience.

Apart from the number of visitors the web analytics also deal in the time duration for which those visitors stayed over that website and what further activity did they perform! Take an example of any shopping website, they keep the track of unique visitors and their product search which helps the company to customize the search result for the potential customer.

In addition to this, the company could compare the figure between how many visited and browsed particular products whereas how many bought it.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Moreover, they would assort your searched items and you might have often found your compact wish-list shopping cart loitering around in your social media accounts or any other internet search. Analytics also tells you about the source of your audience, like how did they reach you, through what mediums and links you appeared in their search result. 

What Are The Benefits?

With the help of the analytics dashboard you could easily study the behavior of your customers, like how many times did they visit your site, what their search included, for how much time did they remain there, what activities did they perform for the time being, and much more. This analysis would help you to better your business as you shall come to know what your audience is seeking!

This set of information is part of the web market study where your product and its search appearance is valued through the unique customers’ response towards it and its selling statistics. Furthermore, based on this search you could change the outlook or might opt for a change in search optimization and keyword search if you are not getting the potential online traffic.


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